March 2018

Well there has been a fair bit of water under the bridge since my last post.  Biggest news is that my wife Jodie has just launched her website     She has set up an online shop to sell high quality limited edition prints of my sculptures.  They look excellent! They come in two standard sizes, but can be special ordered in lager sizes.  Have a look at her site.







The other thing that she will be selling is my long awaited book.  It is still a couple of months away, but I have devoted a fair chunk of time toward it over the last few months.  This sort of thing actually takes a lot more time than you might realise. I have hundreds and hundreds of images of my sculptures.  Picking out my favourites has been bad enough, but then placing them in a balanced and pleasing manner has been a  challenge.  On top of that I have written out quite a few of my thoughts about being an Artist, and about how I go about my work.  It is a bit confidence boosting to go through all those photos.  It was nice to take some time to remind myself of some of the nice pieces I’ve made. Here are a couple of them….. Just for your entertainment.







August seems like a long time ago now, but that was when we travelled to Bruges in Belgium for my exhibition at nearby Knokke.  Bruge was a lovely place to stay.  A little crowded in the centre, but beautiful, and you only need to go a little way away from the centre and it is very quiet. By all reports the beach at Knokke was not as crowded as it should have been.  All I can say is that the beaches there, and the way people use them, is very different from the beach here.  The beach is covered with little private hut things, pop up restaurants, noisy bars, and large inflatable animals. I think we are spoilt by our beaches where I live.




In one of my earlier posts, I made reference to Jodie wanting to ride a Vespa scooter around in rural Italy.  Well we didn’t get to Italy but we did manage to hire a Vespa in Bruge.  Disappointingly they wouldn’t let Jodie have one of her own. The fellow was very laid back but was not convinced that she had enough experience.   She rode pillion behind me until we got out into the countryside, on the fantastic little roads and canal paths, and then I let her take control while I sat on the back.  I wasn’t even scared.  There just needed to be a few more Italians around and we could have ticked a box for her.  It was a really fun day.


Actually I loved the bike culture there, and even more so in Amsterdam. We had a few days there recovering from the loooonnng flight before driving down to Bruge.  It is fantastic to see everyone of all ages on their pushbikes, and the car drivers are respectful of their presence, not resentful like they can be here.  I guess that is because everyone that drives a car probably also rides a bicycle.  You can see the kids and teenagers there are so independent, getting themselves around with their sports gear or such. It is easy and safe for them to get from one side of town to the other.  None of the queues of SUVs transporting kids from school to sport to home.  It was really refreshing.





My latest bike sculpture was a Dakar Rally Raid bike.  In Belgium I sold a sculpture of a Flat Track Bike to a very nice fellow who had actually raced a bike several times in the Dakar when it was still in Africa.  He did it Iron Man style with no support.  This has to be one of the toughest sporting challenges left in the world.  If you have never tried to hang on to a bucking dirt bike for hours, and drag it out of a bog or push it on a rocky hill side you could never understand how fatiguing  it must be.  I have done these things and I am in complete awe of how they can do this all day, and sometimes all night, for days on end.  And remember a lack of concentration will almost certainly mean injury or worse.  We had a great conversation about dirt bikes and buggy racing even though we could not speak each others language. Our gesticulating would have been very amusing from a distance.



In November I have another Exhibition with John Davies Gallery in Moreton-in-Marsh in the Cotswolds.  It is a few years since I have done a show with John, so I am looking forward to it.  Put it in your diary.




James Corbett


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