November 29 2014

Collecting spark Plugs

Collecting spark Plugs


I spent yesterday driving around Brisbane picking up old spark plugs.  A bad day for it really. A month ago I had left lots of buckets at various Car dealers and Mechanical Workshops for them to throw their old plugs into for me. What I didn’t realise until I got to the other side of town yesterday was how much damage had been inflicted on some of these areas by a severe thunder storm the previous afternoon.  I hope everyone can get on top of the damage quickly.

Why am I collecting spark plugs ?  For Polar Bear fur of course!  I have a commission to create two, year old Cubs for the Philidelphia Zoo’s upcoming ” Second Nature ” sculpture exhibition.  Their goal with this show is to highlight the plight of wildlife, that is suffering due to the effects of manufacturing, the processing of raw materials, and the waste of a consumer culture is having on the environment.  One of the issues is Global Warming.  Having just endured the hottest November on record, topped off with a ” Mega Storm ” it’s had not to believe that it is not a serious consideration.  Being a car enthusiast, I can’t say that I don’t create a few greenhous gasses, but I really do think that we should all consider how long something that we buy will last, and not just buy on price, with the assumption that we can just buy another when it breaks.  Everything that is made uses raw materials and energy, and most probably creats some pollution in it’s manufacturing.  Consider buying one good thing instead of four throw aways over the same time. The Second Nature Exhibition will be made up of works utilising recycled, or repurposed materials, by artists from many parts of the world.  As usual it will be down to the wire for me to have the Bears done in time. Getting enough Spark Plugs in a short space of time has me a bit panicked.  I think I need about 5000 of them….which is about 3000 more than I have now!


My name " Up in Lights " Moreton-in-Marsh Style

My name ” Up in Lights ” Moreton-in-Marsh Style


I am looking forward to being Back in the Cotswolds for the The John Davies Gallery exhibition opening next weekend.  John is a bit of an ” Old Rev Head ” and aside from mildly terrifying me with spirited drives in the country side, often surprises me with some piece of classic racing machinery on display in the Gallery. I believe a few pieces have already sold, which is always nice.


Riding in The John Davies Gallery

Riding in The John Davies Gallery


They wouldn’t let my wife Jodie take this one for a spin outside.  Perhaps this was the inspiration a piece called ” Madame Vitesse ” that was sold to a lady from Western New South Wales.



" Madame Vitesse "

” Madame Vitesse “








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